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. . .The 6 Star Business Podcast

Hosted by Aveline Clarke

6 Star Business

. .About Aveline Clarke

Passionate about integrity, trust, and acceptance for all people, Aveline has perfected a process of Customer Journey Mapping that helps businesses and industries understand the gaps in their customer’s journeys, create a solution, and realize the true profits available as a result of positive customer experiences.

Her vision is to return integrity and trust to the journey for the customer, the business, and the industry.

She has vast experience mapping, creating, and building customer journeys using principles of human behavior and clever marketing automation technology.

These redefined journeys deliver profit-enhancing outcomes whilst returning integrity and trust to the business. Customers win, businesses win, and industries ultimately win too.

. .The 6 Star Business Podcast has been created to talk about and highlight what makes a business truly shine with 5 stars and then 6 stars!

We have surveyed many business owners across various industries and regions, and we know what people think in their minds about the ‘secret to 6-star success’ and we are now lifting the lid on what ingredients go into that level of success..

We have interviewed an impressive lineup of businesses and we look forward to bringing you all the juicy nuggets from them, as we discuss the struggles, the journey, and the view from the top where they now sit – and what it takes to stay there.

These businesses started out small, just like yours did, and they are ready to share with you what makes their customers sing their praises and consistently refer them to others..

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