Activate your unique genius in the

. . .world with Aveline’s Facilitation

. . .Connect your message to your

. . .WHO Impact more people

. . .Are you selling to anyone who will listen, in the hope they will be your ideal customer?

Sadly most businesses push out messages to the market that centre around their product and focus on the product being heard and seen in the market, instead of focussing on the customer.

. .Do you want to impact more people in a positive way, by bringing your genius to the world?

As a purpose led business you would be aiming to impact more people by selling your products and bringing your genius to the world. Yet often our genius is left behind in the race to compete with everyone else and focus on our products.

.Have you identified, mapped and created your ideal customer journey, and implemented this into your business?

If you’re focussed on competing, getting your message to the market louder than everyone else, and pushing your product out – you may have totally ignored the most important aspect in selling: your customer journey.

. . . Activating your WHO Journey. . .

. . .Make a bigger impact by targeting the right WHO for you!

You may not believe this, but not everyone wants what you sell! So your goal should always be to find your ideal WHO, connect with them deeply, and communicate authentically. In this live workshop, Aveline will facilitate a process with you to develop your WHO DNA, your WHO Avatar, and your WHO Story as part of the WHO JOURNEY 1.0 program.

. .Create the Ideal Message to Marketing for your WHO, and develop your assets and products to deliver the greatest impact!

Many people pitch their product to the market purely in competition with others, and have no idea why it fails or flops miserably. During this critical module, Aveline facilitates a woven journey of developing products, assets and the Pitch as it relates naturally to your WHO. This ensures you are connecting with your WHO in the most optimal way to communicate your key message to engage and activate in the heart and mind of your WHO.

Aveline facilitates a live process to develop your assets, products and Message to Market in THE WHO JOURNEY 2.0.

.Delivering your Customer Journey is one of the highest value activities you can do to ensure you optimise the experience and differentiate from your competitors.

The Customer Journey is a critical aspect of capturing the hearts and minds of your WHO, and establishing your business in the marketplace through the experience of your purpose, your core asset and the engaging delivery of your product.

Building moments of meaning in your customer journey is a heartfelt and considered way, over a series of stages and steps, is part of you being able to deliver your brand (complete end to end experience) to your customers. Using the right technology to support that customer journey is also very important to enable you to leverage and scale.

In this live workshop, Aveline will facilitate a process to develop the customer journey, engagement moments, the ideal tech stack, and also a DiSC Sales profile to assist your key sales person in connecting with your WHO. This is all part of THE WHO JOURNEY 3.0.

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. . .Aveline Clarke has over 20 years experience with employee & customer engagement, journeys,
culture and innovative technology to support them.


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