Create the foundations of connection

. . .with your WHO so you can make a

. . .bigger impact

. . .in a more powerful way

. . .Make a bigger impact by targeting the right WHO for you!

You may be surprised to hear this but not every person wants what you sell.

Also, there is a high chance that you are not your ideal customer!

. .Language, understanding & connection are what your WHO needs the most!


In this program, you will learn the foundations of your WHO DNA, and how you can create your avatar story, and message to market!

.You’ll make more impact when you speak in the right way to the right people!

. .This online program is available from the moment you sign up, no delays!

We won’t drip feed content to you like other courses, because know that when you’re ready to learn and take action, you’re ready to learn and take action! So it will be accessible in full, 24/7.

.Do you need to be supported by an expert as you progress to draw out all the outcomes?

If so, then we have a supported option for you! You can select either the online course without support, or the course with support. The support is delivered via 6 fortnightly zoom calls 1-on-1 with Aveline Clarke where she will help activate the learnings for you in your business. 

Now, more than ever, people are craving

connection and understanding. . .

The WHO Journey Program 1.0

Online Program

The WHO Journey Program 1.0

Online Program with Support


$497 + gst

$497 + gst
/ 3 monthly payments


Online access to all course
modules immediately

Online access to all course
modules immediately



6 X 60 minute fortnightly Zoom
Q&A calls for support 

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Learn from one of the best

. . .Aveline Clarke has over 20 years experience with employee & customer engagement, journeys,
culture and innovative technology to support them.


In these online programs, Aveline will help you:

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