What would it mean to you if you only

. . .attracted the Ideal Customers

. . .whom you love working with?

. . .Want closer connections?

When we know who our Ideal Customers are on a deeper level, we are able to talk with them far more personally and authentically. The connection becomes stronger as a result, and you will find that your customers see you as a trusted adviser and person in their network, rather than an outsider to them.

. .Would you like a better client base?

When you focus on targeting your Ideal Customer, you’ll be putting out energy for them and funnily enough you will end up attracting more of them! Your client base will shift as a result and you’ll find your entire client base is full of the people you actually love working with.

.Want more effective marketing messages?

Too many of us focus on selling our product to anybody who will listen, and as a result our marketing messages get a very poor ROI. However, when you focus on your Ideal Customer and you know who they REALLY are, and you know how to speak to them, then your efforts at communicating and marketing will be a breeze and easy to do. Everything becomes easier and you remove all of the ‘guesswork’ you previously did to try and attract people.

. .This online program is available from the moment you sign up, no delays!

We won’t drip feed content to you like other courses, because know that when you’re ready to learn and take action, you’re ready to learn and take action! So it will be accessible in full, 24/7.

.Do you need to be supported by others around you as you progress/ Do you like feedback and validation?

If so, then we have a Members Group for you to communicate with others and ask questions as you go along! You’ll be invited into the group upon sign up.

Now, more than ever, people are craving

connection and understanding. . .

. . .Attracting 5 Star Customers

This online program helps you to build closer connections, create a stronger client base, and deliver much more effective marketing messages – so you get a better ROI on your efforts AND you get the clarity you need about who it is you should be selling to.

. .The Details of the program

Format of Delivery – online video modules with downloadable workbooks, in a learning environment so you can learn at your own pace.
Length of Program – this depends on how you like to learn! You can gobble it up in 1/2 a day or space it out over a week or two. The program includes a couple of activities that may take you a couple of weeks to carry out, so you will get the most benefit by doing it at your own pace over a couple of weeks or more.
Facilitator – this program is facilitated by Aveline Clarke.
Price of Program – $195 + GST.

.So if you are ready to:

  • Know exactly whom your Ideal Customer is
  • Understand your Ideal Customer in a very deep and meaningful way
  • Create your Ideal Customer Avatar to share with your team and to focus on
  • Use your Ideal Customer Avatar to direct your marketing messaging

Then purchase the Attracting 5 Star Customers program now:

Once you purchase, you’ll be sent an email with all the information and your details to log into the Learning Centre to access the program immediately.

Learn from one of the best

. . .Aveline Clarke has over 20 years experience with employee & customer
engagement, journeys, culture and innovative technology to support them.


In these online programs, Aveline will help you:

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