How do we redefine the Customer Journey?

. . .Let’s explore the real life version

. . .And bring the Customer Journey to life

. . .Connect

In order to redefine the Customer Journey, we need to first create a Connection with ourselves to understand who we are, what genius we are bringing to the world, and exactly who it is that we are selling our genius to.

What is often overlooked in marketing messages is the unique imprint of the business, and instead those messages are focussed simply on selling a product.

This is the part of the journey where we are connecting with ourselves as business owners, to understand what makes us come alive and drives us to be in business in the first place. This is a critically important step because unless we understand the uniqueness of ourselves and our businesses first, we are missing a key part of the entire relationship.

As a next step we look deeply into the emotional and psychological depths of your ideal customer to fully understand who it is that you are serving and helping in the world, so you can identify and create the person whom you focus on throughout the entire customer journey.

These elements enable you to create greater awareness, connection, empathy, and understanding with your customers so that you are able to form stronger and more trusting relationships, that enhance your business both internally and externally.

To see how this is done in greater detail go to the WHO Journey Starter Plan


. .Create

The second step in redefining the Customer Journey is to Create a blueprint that is similar to an architect’s plan, or a road map, to create your Customer Journey.

We need a way to create the meaningful moments that matter and that return the value back to the customer, and this is where we take you through a process to design this so you have a Blueprint to go ahead and build exactly what you have designed.

To create the customer journey is to germinate the seed of possibility that you found during the Connect stage. It’s exciting, yet one of the most ignored activities in marketing and client management. By creating this customised journey for your ideal customer you will be able to let go of the wasteful activities that are no longer necessary, and only focus on the things that matter to your customer.

To see how this is done in greater detail go to the WHO Journey Blueprint



The final step in redefining the Customer Journey is to Activate it with your customers. This means implementing everything that you’ve designed and created that’s from the Customer Journey Blueprint, and then put in measures to ensure it’s successfully working.

To Activate your Customer Journey is to bring it to life, and this often requires a system or specific people to assist in bringing it to life. One tool or process alone will not ensure your Customer Journey is operating 100% all the time to your high standards! Hence why you need to Activate this in the best possible way.

Our one on one WHO Journey Excellence activation program with Aveline provides you the support you need to ensure your WHO Journey is activated inside your business.

To see how this is done in greater detail go to the WHO Journey Excellence