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Sadly I can only give 5 stars – because I’d give 6 If I could! Aveline made the process of creating our Avatar an exciting AND really focussed adventure of discovery. We THOUGHT we knew our ideal client – and discovered so much more. The razor sharp clarity we have about our her makes every decision simple. We know EXACTLY for whom it is we write copy, create our systems, are speaking to when we answer the phone, set our pricing, devise our programs. Aveline added so much value to the process also, and has been a huge fan along the way. Recommend highly.

Tuned In Kids

Working with Aveline @Journey Point was WELL worth my time and money! I learned so much from the experience and feel confident my business strategy is truly aligned with my passion now. Thank you!

Amber Trueblood

Working with Aveline was a brilliant experience for me. Her genius lies in several places. Firstly in helping guide people to find clarity about where their expertise truly lies, a blindspot for so many people. Aveline has a gift for helping you to get unstuck and find just the right words to describe your own “thing”. That understanding then becomes foundational, when you work with Aveline to design experiences that will attract and delight the very customers you most want to win and support.

Ian Webster

Aveline has been inspiring me through the 6-star community for a long time, also as a personal friend. Her approach to building relationships has opened my eyes to a new way to connect.

She has a systematic proven formula to approach business, which was a missing piece of my mindset. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Aveline is able to formulate purpose, positioning, and message so eloquently with a heart-based approach that keeps blowing me away. Her approach to creating the customer journey is a must and applicable to most businesses. I did not apply it before because of my lack of awareness.

Naturally, she has attracted a tribe of new leaders to create an impact and I am truly grateful that I am one of them. She is extremely helpful and supportive. Her expertise, vulnerability, and honesty are the symbol of a new era where leaders are 6-star and authentic. It is not a coincidence that she is at the helm of the 6-star business book, leadership community, and projects.

Thanks for taking me on board your 6-star flagship. I hope that we will take a long journey to shift business and leadership on this planet.

Reach out to her to find your purpose and align with your clients. With Aveline you will multiply your impact and results. I recommend Aveline screen your business.

Endre Hoffmann

The Doctor of Self-Worth

I have utterly enjoyed working with Aveline on the Who Journey for my Coaching business Open for life. Aveline is knowledgeable, intuitive and inspiring to collaborate with. Before working with Aveline I was never really sure how to describe what I do and who I do it for, it was always elusive and always just evolved organically. But my business was ready to go to the next level and I really needed some guidance in this area so that I could maintain my own authenticity as things expanded.

I went to Aveline for automation and got a whole other amazing offering. The WHO Journey! Aveline’s guidance was priceless, genuine and delivered a clear customer avatar, product outlines, and the platforms for my customer to find me. It was brilliant. This Video began its journey by working with Aveline and her team. Once I had all I needed from our sessions, I took the information to my designers and scriptwriter and this was the result, My website was also redesigned and changed to fit the outcomes.

The part that I found the greatest was the momentum I gained in making the changes, once we came up with what was best for my clients, the work to change my business has been unfolding and I am inspired every day to continue to make them. There is nothing like inspired action to get you out of bed in the morning. It’s also empowering to know someone has your back and your business’s best interests at heart. Thanks, Aveline and team, I am looking forward to continuing our journey together.

Eiran Trethowan

Open for life - Life & Career Coach

Recommending Aveline for those looking to strategically automate their business sales and service is as easy as breathing. She is attentive and insightful, taking care to listen to what you really want and need, and then responsive with strategic ways to achieve those outcomes.

She is an outstanding communicator, who creates clear pathways for business owners to follow. I have received so much value from Aveline’s services and highly recommend others to do the same

Kerry Anne Nelson

Owner, Operation Verve

First and foremost, Aveline is a lovely human being. Warm, friendly, engaging and fun. The fact she is gob-smackingly brilliant at helping you figure out who you serve, and how you can serve them better than anyone else on the planet – that’s a complete, added bonus.

If you have any desire whatsoever to consistently deliver exceptional service and experiences to your perfectly-ideal clients and customers, you owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation with Aveline. Highly recommended. Six stars.

Peter Daly-Dickson

Founder & CEO, Macanta Software Ltd

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Working with Aveline at Journey Point has been a sheer joy at every step of the way. Being a small business its always a balance between needing really excellent help but not being able to provide for it. Aveline knows her niche, charges reasonably and is that rare creature in that she delivers MORE. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Nosh Detox


I recently worked with Aveline on a fairly large project that previously I would have considered too far outside the box for lnfusionsoft. And as I reflected back on it, I wanted to share my experience with Aveline. As I mentioned the project was fairly large and pretty non-standard, I.e. creating a unified experience for a group of over 60 companies working together in a custom environment integrating with Infusionsoft and 3rd party apps.

Aveline put together an integration plan and while implementing the campaigns and Infusionsoft implementation, she also coordinated implementation and managed me and other contractors to bring in the other pieces.

As a direct result, we ended up bringing in the project on time and within the budget, saving the client several thousand dollars.

Throughout the project, as we had to reassess plans and implement solutions Aveline was quick and pleasant to work with and was able to adjust her plans to accommodate needed technical changes and keep the whole project continuing to move forward.

She marshaled five different teams from different companies, juggling the various personalities and time zones involved.

Throughout she was an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her again In the future, and I can enthusiastically recommend her.

David Bullock

Founder and Owner, Web, Power & Light

We engaged Journey Point in mid-2018 after having not achieved the results we were paying for with a different marketing company.

Until we worked withJourney Point, we were getting virtually no enquiries via our online marketing, and now, within a short period of time, we are receiving consistent and an increasing number of online enquiries, whichJourney Point have shown us how to convert into high-quality matters. 

Previously we found the world of online marketing to be highly technical, difficult to follow and difficult to quantify results. From the start,Journey Point and their team of experts have explained the intricacies of online marketing to us in a way that is not confusing and overly jargonised. We now understand the strategies and the short and long term goals that we want to achieve and how to get there.

As a boutique personal injury law firm, we have found Journey Point to be invaluable in capturing high-quality leads that are specific to our specialised area of law. If you are looking for a marketing consultant to assist your business to simplify the world of online marketing and to get you the results you desire, whatever type of service you offer, talk toJourney Point.

Pania Watt

Senior Lawyer, Bourke Love Compensation lawyers

Until Rohan took the time to show me, I didn’t realize the opportunity that was being wasted in our old database of email contacts. Rohan helped me understand how to use these past connections to build new customer relationships. The cost benefits that Journey Point can achieve by working with existing contacts over new ones has made me review my whole approach to marketing.

Troy Potter

Business Broker, Link Business Brokers

I recommend Journey Point to any service-based business willing to expand.

Mick Alcorn

CEO and Director, Ignition Accountants

Rohan and Aveline are true experts in Marketing Automation, CRM and analytics. They have the ability to really transform your business and save time by automating so many of your processes! Highly recommended. Thanks guys!

Adam Mackay

Director, Adwords Works

Working with Aveline makes your life much easier.  She has a great work ethic and always a pleasure to deal with. She is bright, clever and honest. I highly recommend working with her. 

Craig Garber

Author, Coach & Copywriter,

What really sets Aveline apart is that she really seeks to understand the business goals that are trying to be achieved, before proposing better and faster ways to get the job done…

Will Swayne

Managing Director, Marketing Results

Rohan has a brilliant well proven system of automated email marketing. Being able to setup email campaigns with valuable content and have them make a lot of sense to recipients allows us to keep our clients loyal, they never drift away to competition, and often refer the friends and colleagues to us as well.

Lou Armstrong

Director, Not Just A Copy Shop

Through Aveline’s assistance we were able to get our data organised and segmented so we can target them to generate more client appointments.  She’s thorough, smart and knows how to turn a marketing idea into a solution to generate results.

Bruce Boundy

Client Financial Advisor, Lotustar Financial

Aveline provided us with invaluable training that helped us understand who our customers were and how to best strategically market to them. It has made a massive difference in our lives.

Geri Hammond

Marketing Manager, The Helensvale Group

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Want to Ensure You’ve Got the Best Marketing Automation?

Learn all the common mistakes and what not to do, so you can create the best customer journey!
Enter your name and email address and we'll send it to you right away.
Note: We respect your privacy and sanity, and won't harass you or share your details.

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