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15 Franchisors And Franchising Experts Share Their Best Thinking And Proven Strategies For Successfully Franchising A Business

#1 Australia Small Business Franchises
#2 USA Small Business Franchise
#2 UK Home-Based Businesses
#5 Canada Small Business Franchises

An essential best ranked, bestselling guide to franchising. 15 successful international franchisors and franchising experts candidly share their current best-thinking, strategies and insights for finding the right franchise; and starting, building and growing a sustainable, profitable franchise business.

Aveline was a contributing author to this best-selling book that helps businesses scale using a franchising model, whilst also helping existing franchisors become even more successful.

Aveline brings her vast experience in understanding how to create optimal moments of connection in a customer journey, and how franchises can apply these principles in a consistent and reliable way to enable healthy scale.

In her chapter she recounts a pivotal experience at the Franchising legend – McDonalds – and how she was able to take a mechanical process and make it work successfully in an emotional human experience.


The book has reached No. 1 best-seller in Australia, United Kingdom and USA in the first week of it’s release!

Editors: Peter Daly-Dickson, Andrew Priestley.

Foreword: Stan Friedman

Contributors are successful experienced, franchisors and franchising experts and advisors that include Shireen Smith, Marisa Rauchway, Stephen Maeker, Matthew Frentheway, Darren Taylor, Kim Daly,  Aveline Clarke, Paul Mitchell, Brian Holmes, Pieter K de Villiers, Haroon Danis, Tommy Balaam, Robert James and Andrew Priestley.

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