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We harness the combined principles of human connection, awareness, branding, and your genius to facilitate

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We have a team of digital marketing and customer journey specialists who provide the services below.

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Connect, Create and Activate your business

through your Customer Journey

Are you looking to improve your ROI with an effective digital marketing agency?

Journey Point has over 14 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing digital marketing strategies that are focussed around the ideal customer, which help businesses create amazing experiences and retain more customers.

As Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, our tactics are “outside-in”. We begin by identifying the customer, connecting into your genius, and then create a bridge to bring the two together. We focus on aligning touch points, creating a deep understanding of customers, then activating a unique and measurable digital marketing strategy to find and keep customers.

Whether you are looking for customer journey mapping, consulting, marketing strategy, project management, or the creation of a completely customised solution or implementation, we are the unique people-centred marketing team you can trust.

Discover The Difference With Customer Journey Mapping

How Can Customer Journey Mapping Help Your Business?

Our consultants use customer journey mapping to understand when and how to reach customers to influence their decisions. The emphasis is on making sense of the process customers undergo from strangers to brand representatives, so our consultants can reach them at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.

With an understanding of customer personas, we work with you to map your customers’ decision journey in detail. Our team then helps you mine our discoveries to develop a marketing plan that includes development, media allocation, and messaging.

Customer Journey Questions?

Customer Journey Mapping is an integral part of the Journey Point digital marketing strategy. We begin by considering your customer experience from every angle, asking comprehensive questions like:

  • What is the overall customer decision journey process? How do customers find, evaluate, and purchase services within the category?
  • Do customers react more to traditional “push” marketing or “pull” marketing through online marketing, social media, and search? How might their search tactics shift overtime?
  • How well is your business leveraging your customer journey knowledge against your key competitors? What improvement opportunities exist for the future?

Benefits of Working With Journey Point?

When you choose to collaborate with Journey Point, we help you do business better by using marketing automation that tackles the purchasing process through a human lens. When you sign with us you can expect to:

  • Develop a clear digital marketing strategy to drive customer acquisition and retention
  • Receive deep customer insights, using journey maps and touchpoints as the foundation
  • Fully integrate digital assets to improve customer experience

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Our Approach: The WHO Journey Process

In order to redefine the Customer Journey, we need to first create a Connection with ourselves to understand who we are, what genius we are bringing to the world, and exactly who it is that we are selling our genius to.


In order to redefine the Customer Journey, we need to first create a Connection with ourselves to understand who we are, what genius we are bringing to the world, and exactly who it is that we are selling our genius to.


The second step in redefining the Customer Journey is to Create the blueprint which is similar to an architect’s plan, or a road map, to create your Customer Journey.

We need a way to create the meaningful moments that matter and that return the value back to the customer, and this is where we take you through a process to design this so you have a Blueprint to go ahead and build exactly what you have designed.



The final step in redefining the Customer Journey is to Activate it with your customers. This means implementing everything that you’ve designed and created that’s from the Customer Journey Blueprint, and then put in measures to ensure it’s successfully working.

To Activate your Customer Journey is to bring it to life, and this often requires a system or specific people to assist in bringing it to life. One tool or process alone will not ensure your Customer Journey is operating 100% all the time to your high standards! Hence why you need to Activate this in the best possible way.


Digital Marketing Consulting Services So You Can Sleep Better at Night.

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