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What is Keap?

Keap provides one location for organising both client information
and the work you do every day.

This streamlines all your business processes so you can focus on what’s most important, the customers. The best part is you will only need to set up this powerful CMS software once, then watch it work for you while you take care of business.

If you are a small business owner searching for a way to centralise your data while focusing on improving customer service, then talk to us about Keap; it’s a fresh and smart way to get the job done right.


Keap Features

Manage all your client information easily and view it at any time.
Know who your customers are and how to reach them.

Keap offers a wide range of features designed to optimise your business processes. Want to find leads, reach more customers and make more sales? Keap gives you everything you need to make that happen.

Easily book appointments so you’ll never miss another important meeting. You can even send out quotes upon customer request, send invoices and request payments, provide pricing information and more. Keap is easy to use because these processes can be automated for you. Simply pick a task, designate a date and time and feel secure in the knowledge it will be accomplished on time.

Keap will help you organise all client information, ensuring you’ll be ready for anything, no matter the task. This allows you to utilise your time more efficiently, reach out to a greater number of clients and see all your business processes in one place.

How Keap Can Help You…

Organise Your Leads

Begin by entering all your contacts and leads into Keap. Then you can sync your Gmail and Outlook to easily manage your contacts from any device. You can transfer contact details into Keap from a website form, your smartphone or a spreadsheet on your computer and see how your business relationships are doing minute-by-minute. You can even pull information from business cards. This gives you a wealth of options for organising leads and managing contacts.

Get the Job

When you use the “appointments and quote” features in Keap, you eliminate the back and forth process with potential clients of finding the right time to meet. The acceptance process is accelerated because the software performs real-time updates. This ensures you and your clients always know what’s happening and when.

Get More Referrals

Keap stores the information about the interactions with your clients. Then, when each job has been accomplished, an email will be sent to the client requesting a review or referral. It’s easy for satisfied clients to review and refer, and because it is all handled from within Keap, clients will find the process very straightforward and simple.

Turn Your Leads Into Prospects

Once all your leads are entered into Keap, it’s time to take actions that will turn them into clients. Because all the lead information is centralised, you can send out automated messages to strategically provide important reminders and other details your leads will find useful.

Automation not only helps you take care of important tasks in a timely manner, but it also allows you to focus on taking care of your clients. This ensures you’ll never miss an important communication and your clients will remain satisfied customers.

Get Paid Quickly

When you have to remind clients to pay you, it can make for a very awkward situation. Keap takes care of that for you by allowing you to set up branded invoices that can be sent at a specific time. You will then receive alerts that tell you whether the invoice has been viewed.

Auto-payment reminders are sent to clients as a gentle reminder you need to be paid. This is yet one less thing you will have to keep up with and take care of yourself.

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