To bring your Customer Journey to life we create an end-to-end experience

. . .We call this the WHO Journey Blueprint

. . .it’s your ‘architect’s plan’
for the way forward

. . .Are you focussing solely on your product?

Often we get so caught up in the delivery of our product, dealing with the transaction and answering questions, that we don’t take the time to focus on the way our customer is actually experiencing our Brand. When I say “Brand” I mean the entire end to end emotional experience of interacting with your business; it means everything!

. .Do you have a defined and detailed Customer Journey?

Most people don’t have a detailed Customer Journey, and haven’t gone into the level of detail that is needed to create a meaningful journey with their customer.

Together we will create a Blueprint that goes into a level of detail that most people don’t normally go.

This includes everything from our Starter Plan plus the overall stages of the journey, the interactions you need to have with them, and the best technology to deliver that journey.

Therefore, it includes all of the tangible, technological, emotional, physical and online interactions that you will have with your ideal customer along their journey.

Together we will create your WHO Journey Blueprint

This Blueprint will give you a complete end-to-end plan in detail that you can use just like an Architect’s plan, to know what needs to be created, for whom, and how.

It will give you the exponential potential for your business to not only flourish but succeed in a way that other marketers are not talking about or offering. Simply put: most marketers don’t understand the power of understanding your customer in this way, and how to create the journey for them – even though they think they do!

. .Once you have completed your WHO Journey Blueprint

You will be able to take this blueprint and project manage the creation of the outcomes yourself, use one of our providers, or take it to your preferred creative team or agency so they can create and implement it for you..

.Everything we do in the WHO Journey Blueprint will enable you to redefine your relationships

These are the relationships you have with your team and staff, your customers, your partners, and everyone else you come into contact with in your business.

You’ll now be able to communicate with your customers better, sell to them easier, forge better relationships that last longer.

Learn from one of the best

. . .Aveline Clarke has over 20 years experience with employee & customer engagement, journeys,
culture and innovative technology to support them.


In this program, Aveline will help you:
  • Create your WHO Avatar
  • Create your Message to Market
  • Understand your Purpose
  • Create your Customer Journey
  • Create your WHO Story
  • Identify your WHO Products
  • Identify your best channels
  • Create your WHO Assets
  • Design your WHO journey
  • And much more…

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