Hamilton Customer Journey Mapping

Hamilton Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is critical. Yet most people think that customer journey mapping is an exercise that’s ‘nice to have’ and not really necessary. Your customers will just experience their journey according to how you deliver your product, right? Wrong.

Your customer’s journey is the single most important ingredient to you getting a 5-star rating. We will help you map all of it, starting with identifying your ideal customer, your WHO, and take you through a process of creating the customer journey that’s going to take your business results from where they are now to where you truly want them to be.

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Hamilton Digital Marketing Strategy

Your business’s digital marketing strategy is the blueprint for your business’s success online.

We create this as part of our Customer Journey Mapping process called the WHO Journey Blueprint.

It ensures your marketing strategy is specifically matched to your ideal customer to maximise results and reduce wasted efforts.

Hamilton Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a way to free up your time and put a lot of the repetitive tasks and steps on auto-pilot. The Marketing Automation Strategy is critical and comes out of the Customer Journey Mapping process we take you on, so you will know exactly what is best for your business and how you can utilise the best Automated Marketing platforms for you.

We are experts in: Infusionsoft, Keap, Salesforce, Hubspot and Active Campaign. Our complete end to end Marketing Automation strategy and implementation can deliver up to 6 times more leads from the same amount of online traffic.

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Hamilton Six Star Business Podcast

We host an incredibly successful business podcast called the 6 Star Business.

On this podcast we interview business owners who have achieved a high level of success via their customer ratings and being able to achieve at least 4.5 stars or even 5 stars consistently. We bring them together to answer detailed questions about their journey to success and to challenge their thinking with the group discussion format of the show.

All podcast recordings are recorded live with video and audio.
To enquire about being a guest on the podcast or recommending someone else to the podcast, contact us here