Use Marketing Automation Tools to Cash in On Holiday Spending

With the holidays just around the corner, businesses need every resource and tool available to them if they are to make the most of the season. This is one of the best times of the year for businesses, particular retailers.

In fact, this season is when retailers bring in a big chunk of their annual revenue, as they connect with people doing their holiday shopping. Businesses that take advantage of marketing automation will have the edge when it comes to increased sales. This is how marketing automation can help your business during black friday sale.

Marketing automation involves using automated tools to complete repetitive marketing tasks. Some examples include; emails, social media posts, ad campaigns, and so on. By using marketing automation tools in marketing your business during black friday sale, businesses will benefit in the following ways:


Increased Sales

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Implementing an aggressive marketing campaign is necessary to ramp up sales especially during black friday sale when prime shopping season approaches. Marketing automation allows you to set up various prompts to send out emails to people who are on your campaign list.

Furthermore, you can create segmented lists to target certain key demographics for a greater response. All of these measures will increase sales, since they help to move leads through the marketing funnel to conversion.


More Efficient Use of Time

One of the more obvious how marketing automation can help your business during black friday sale is in freeing up more of your time. You won’t be as busy chasing leads because automated tools will take care of many of the repetitive tasks for you. Automated tasks may include following up on a connection after an email is opened, or sending a welcome message to a new lead. Additionally, with the right tools, you can set up separate emails to go based on your leads’ behaviour. For example, different buyer profiles will be searching for different products or services, and my need to be directed to different landing pages or areas of your site. Automating this saves you the valuable time it would take to do this yourself.


Enhances Brand Awareness

Your brand image is vital to success as a business. A brand image is the impression customers have of your product or of your business as a whole.

By being responsive to customer’s needs and desires, you cultivate a positive brand image. Using marketing automation tools, you can promote a brand image that speaks to your care and concern for the customer.

As Black Friday and other holiday shopping days approach, make the most of promoting your business, driving sales, and enhancing your brand image by using marketing automation. For more information, get in touch with us today!


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