Boosting sales can be easy and you don’t have to work any harder than you do now…

However many small to medium size business owners are under the impression that once a sale is made, that it is the last they will hear from their customer.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

At the point of sale, your job is only 50% complete.

By going the full-distance in the client lifecycle, you generate more money through repeat sales and referrals for your business.

You see, if you follow up after the sale, you are engaging with a customer who knows about your business and offerings.

They have already purchased form you, so they like and trust you…

This helps you cut down on advertising costs to gain new prospects for your business.

So, how do you tap into the potential of the return customer?

Here are some things to consider:

The post-sale journey is just as important as the sale itself!

So make sure that your customers have a brilliant experience with your offering, first up.

Then contact them after the sale to gauge their satisfaction, help with any issues, or discover how you can assist them further.

This will make them love you even more!!

And will go a long way to boosting sales…

Remember that your customers will want to feel assured that their hard-earned money was well spent…

And your assurance that they’ve bought an incredible offering with great support, will make them return to you for further purchases. Monitor your customer’s lifecycle through marketing automation.



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Ask them for referrals.

Getting referrals from customers goes a long way to winning over the trust of new prospects.

Having been referred, they don’t have to rely solely on advertising and other marketing activities to tell them that your offering is worth it.

A previous customer was happy with your business, and new prospects will believe someone else before they will believe anything you or your marketing may have to say.

Don’t be scared of bad reviews either…

It gives you an opportunity to deal with an unsatisfied customer in the open.

This goes a long way to showing your market that you care and that you’re invested in their happiness and satisfaction.

These approaches don’t have to take up your time either.

With the right software, boosting sales is even easier as all these follow up activities can be automated, which means that once you’re set up, you can begin increasing your sales with little to no extra effort.


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