Marketing Automation strategy can help small business owners who find themselves chained to their business.

The cavalry is here to help small business owners who spend more time in their business than they’d like to.

I was talking with a small business owner the other day. He was complaining about having no time, no life, that his staff were useless and he was trapped in this never-ending cycle of having to do everything himself.

He had created a monster that was eating him alive!

He was working 70+ hours a week!

No life, no leisure time and no energy.

Does this sound familiar?

It blows me away when there are so many technical solutions available, that small business owners still find themselves in this situation.

And this is more the norm than the exception.

It’s crazy!

After all you began your business for a better life right?

But what happened?

Why are you in this predicament of having to do it all yourself?

In my experience, it comes down to trust.

You don’t trust marketing automation strategy or you don’t trust anyone to set up the marketing automation strategy correctly for you.

Or perhaps you have a mature business and you think, “our business is built on relationships so there is no need for technology.”

If you are business owner and you are working more than 40 hours a week, you either…

Absolutely love what you do and you find it more fulfilling than any leisure activity you know, or…

You are wasting your time on menial tasks that could be easily replaced with the right marketing automation strategy and technology.

And with the right marketing automation technology in place, you can also…

Automate important tasks such as qualifying leads rather than you wasting your time on “tyre-kickers” who will never buy from you no matter how much time you give them.

And what about your lost leads?

Most small businesses have a database of contacts, but due to lack of time and/or resources over 95% of contacts are left to wither away and die from lack of interest shown by the business.

But what if there was an engaging way to maintain regular contact with everyone in your database?

What if a lot of the warming up (and qualifying) of leads could be automated instead of you having to spend hours doing it in person?

What if you could activate your lost leads?


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What if you could “set and forget” a silent automated marketing strategy that works 24/7 for you?

A lead generation machine that delivers qualified leads to your inbox, even while you sleep! Would that be good for your business and stress levels? Well, this is not “pie in the sky” or “fantasy land”… We do this for our clients every day here on the Gold Coast, using marketing automation strategy. You see there are seven “levers” in your business that directly affect your profitability… And if you can improve each lever by just 10%, you will double your profitability (I can show you the math). It gets better… What if you could also use marketing automation strategy to influence these levers? What would that mean for you and your business?

This means that you could double your profitability and halve the time you spend working in your business!

Would that be something worth discussing? It’s a no-brainer isn’t it? But don’t hesitate, because now is the only time to take action. Every moment you hesitate and every moment you don’t take action, that is time you will never get back! And do you really want to spend your life chained to a business that sucks the life-force out of you? I didn’t think so. So if you want a successful business and your life back…if you want to learn more about how marketing automation strategy can help you… Reach out and contact me now if you have any questions or book a free conference call to understand how you can turn your business and life around now. Sincerely, Rohan PS. Here’s “six ways to use automation that you probably never considered.”

Rohan James is a Director at Journey Point. He is a Marketing Wizard, but when it comes to surfing his favourite breaks, the word “wizard” is nowhere to be found!