It’s already the middle of January! How’s your motivation?

Here in Australia we are all still waking up from the festive season slumber. With school holidays still in full swing and another long weekend holiday coming up in just 9 days, it’s difficult to get fired up and maintain motivation.

Here are five ways to crank up and maintain your motivation this year:

  1. Keep Your Goals In Front Of You At All times

What are you working towards? Why do you want this? How will your life be different when you achieve this? Set your desktop background with a picture of your family, a dream vacation destination, a new car, a new house or whatever is going to make you feel really good when you look at it.

By having your goals in front of you at all times, when you hit those daily slumps all you need do is look at your computer (or phone) screen and you get an instant shot of motivation.

  1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Creating a short “to-do” list the night before can help you hit the ground running, establishing momentum that will carry you through the rest of the day as you move from one task to the next.

Having this clear (self) direction means you won’t have to stop and think about “what next?” which will cause you to stall and go around in circles achieving nothing except frustration with yourself. Never underestimate the power of “to do” lists written the night before.

  1. Use The 10 Minute Rule

When I want to zone out at the end of the day and I search through Netflix for an escape from reality, I’ll try a movie and give it the 10 Minute Rule. This means that if it hasn’t grabbed me within the first ten minutes I’ll turn it off and find something that does. Life’s to short to waste time right?

What I have found is that this also works well with my “to do” list every day. If after beginning a task it’s not flowing in the first ten minutes, I’ll take a break or do something else and come back to it later.

More often than not when I do come back to it my subconscious has shifted in relation to the subject and the work flows easily, allowing me to complete it in half the normal time I would trudging through it, had I just kept going.

Use the 10 Minute Rule!

  1. Check Your Posture

Your mind and body are intimately linked. A change in one will affect change in the other and vice versa. Have a think about when you feel tired, annoyed or frustrated. How is your posture in these circumstances? Usually with any negative emotion we slouch forward, rub our temples or our forehead and sometimes shake our head from side to side.

Did you know it’s impossible to feel a negative emotion when your muscles are perfectly relaxed? Did you also know your energy flows freely when your spine is perfectly aligned? This is why Chiropractors and Yogis preach that you are only as old as your spine.

Sit tall, walk tall and release muscle tension to supercharge and maintain motivation all day long!

  1. Read Motivational Books

Reading just one page from a motivational or success book such as The Magic Of Thinking Big, Think and Grow Rich or Pain Free Success can instantly change your emotional state from lethargic and uninterested to highly motivated.

And if you drive a lot, consider getting audio versions of your favourite motivational books. Reading or listening to good books is for your mind like eating nutritious food is for your body.

Your mind also needs the right food every day to function optimally and ensure motivation is a-plenty.

So there you have it: five simple ways to boost your motivation in 2018!

Here’s to your best year ever.

Rohan James

Rohan James is a Director at Success Wizards. He is a Marketing Wizard, but when it comes to surfing his favourite breaks, the word “master” is nowhere to be found!



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