Most small business owners believe that to increase their turnover they have to get more clients.

However, getting new prospects to the point of sale can be difficult and costly. first having to spend more money advertising…

First, you have to spend more money advertising…

Then it is time-consuming converting leads, as they have no idea what your business is about. They don’t know you and they don’t trust you.

On top of this, you are competing against your opposition for their attentions and trust!!!

There is a better way…

The fastest way to increase your sales for small business owners is to target a group that already trusts you, your products and services, or have allowed you to market to them.

Who are these people?

They are your existing database!!!

Here are some tips small business owners can follow to help re-engage your existing customers and leads:

Special Offers

Give your existing customers and leads a new reason to buy your products or services. An email campaign offering them a discount for being on your mailing list is a great motivation for past customers to do business with you again.

Loyalty programmes

A loyalty program will go a long way to retaining customers and keep them buying from you consistently – if you’ve created an effective program, that is.

There is one caveat to keep in mind when you are re-targeting your existing databases….

They must be satisfied customers!!

Are you are looking for a way for small business owners to leave customers satisfied with your goods and services?

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs that will talk about how to do this effectively.

Wishing your every success,

The Success Wizards Team

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