In order to redefine the Customer Journey

. . .we begin with ourselves, our
genius, and our WHO

. . . So that we can connect with meaning

. . .Who are we? What is our Genius? Who is our WHO?

We always start with a close inspection and evaluation of whom we are, what genius we are bringing to the world, and exactly to whom who we are selling our genius. This is the start of Connection to self and our customers!

As business owners we are on a journey as well, and it’s important that we understand our role in that journey and what we can do to create a better experience with our customers.

We work with our customers to help them connect with themselves as business owners, to understand what makes them come alive and what drives them to be in business in the first place.

This is a critically important step because unless we understand the uniqueness of ourselves and our businesses first, we are missing a key part of the entire relationship.

. .Who is it really that you serve?

As a next step we look deeply into the emotional and psychological depths of your ideal customer to fully understand who it is that you are serving and helping in the world.

So you can identify and create the person whom you focus on throughout the entire customer journey.

These elements enable you to create greater awareness, connection, empathy, and understanding with your customers so that you are able to form stronger and more trusting relationships, that enhance your business both internally and externally.

. .How can you attract more of those Ideal Customers?

We will identify the ways in which your Ideal Customer connects with you best and highlight those channels you can focus on without wasting valuable money and time doing marketing activities that don’t serve you or your customers.

We will look at the journey your customers take as they come into contact with your business and the products you’re offering to them up front, and identify a more optimum suite of products that will help you position yourself better whilst being able to help you scale.

Lastly we look at the ‘message to market’ and see how this can be re-created to come from an entirely different perspective so that you are no longer competing on commodity anymore.

Everything we do in the 6 Star Journey Starter Plan will enable you to redefine your relationship to your customers, communicate with them better, sell to them better, and show you how you can do that.

Work with one of the best

. . .Aveline Clarke has over 20 years of experience with employee & customer engagement, journeys,
culture and innovative technology to support them.


Through the 6 Star Journey Starter Plan, Aveline will help you:
  • Create your WHO Avatar
  • Create your Message to Market
  • Understand your Purpose
  • Create your WHO Story
  • Identify your WHO Products
  • Identify your best channels
  • Create your WHO Assets
  • And much more…

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