Marketing Automation, in particular automating your follow-up is one of the best ways to build closer relationships with your prospects and customers.

You see with marketing automation, even if at first glance it doesn’t seem so, you are able to provide more personalised attention to prospects and customers, for example:

When your marketing automation is set up correctly you will segment your leads and customers into specific buying or behavior types.

This means you can follow up based on a person’s specific interests, which shows them that you have a deeper understanding of their needs and what is important to them.

With this in mind, let’s now look at the top 6 benefits of marketing automation and in particular automating your follow up with prospects and customers…


1. Build Better Relationships
If you automate the repetitive follow-up processes that your business has, prospects will not slip through the cracks, they will never receive an irrelevant or untimely message, or feel ignored by your business.

Those who complain that marketing automation removes the human element from your business is clearly not doing it correctly.


2. Capture and Nurture Leads 24/7
If someone requests a Lead Magnet in the middle of the night, your delivery sequence ensures it’s delivered to that person’s inbox within minutes.

In other words, marketing automation doesn’t sleep, forget or take “smoko” breaks.

Having a system that works around the clock means your customers are getting the consistent and timely information they need to make a buying decision easier.


3. Give People What They Desire
The ability to automatically segment and target groups based on actions they take (or don’t take) allows you to personalize your follow up specifically to that person’s needs. Doing this makes them feel special and understood or in marketing tech language, “you give them lot’s of love and cuddles”.


4. Convert More Leads Into Customers
Without marketing automation, it’s easy to get behind in your follow-up and let warm and hot leads slip through the cracks.

Having consistent fail-safe follow up ensures that no one ever slips through the cracks; the cracks that often occur due to human error.


5. More Sales
By converting more leads into customers, you make more money; simple!

And once a lead becomes a customer, it will be easier to sell to them again with (automated) new offers or new bundles. It becomes easier because you don’t have to build that initial trust from scratch all over again, you already have it.

Enjoy more sales with Automating your marketing.


6. Scale Up
As your employ more marketing automation systems in your customer lifecycle, you are able to spend more time on growing your business by working on The 7 Levers of Business that directly affect your profitability.

Using Marketing Automation for repetitive tasks gives you your time back!

In addition using a marketing automation platform gives you all your important data at your fingertips. With this data on hand you can easily determine what works and what doesn’t.

And by doing more of what works, your business success is assured.

If you need more information about marketing automation, feel free to contact us now!