What comes into your mind when you hear the term ‘6 Star Business’? Typically people think about Google reviews, testimonials, and the standard 1-5 rating system. These are the feedback from customers whenever they receive a product or service review. But what does a 6 Star Business really mean in today’s world?

A 6 Star Business entails an outcome that is more than the ordinary, not just a general rating scale. What we’ve discovered from the past 2 years from different people we’ve had conversations with is that ‘‘6 Star Business’ is a combination of factors that collectively create an outcome that is ‘extraordinary’, not just a 1+1=2 formula. It includes a ‘do it differently’ approach and encourages everyone to rise above the status quo to do what it takes to be different: with meaning, purpose and intention.

What we’ve found from all our conversations with people is that a 6 Star Business is about becoming more human in business by understanding the importance of stopping and listening to what other people think. Amidst this digital world, you need to remember the person within your business and customers. You should also be proactively trying to make sure that inside your business you are looking after your people in a human way. Being able to do this is one way of ‘doing things differently’.

The journey of striving for 6 star excellence is a challenging one, but it can be incredibly rewarding. It requires doing things differently than what has been done before and pushing the boundaries of creativity. It means going beyond ‘just good enough’ to achieve outstanding results that are worthy of recognition. With hard work, dedication and commitment to doing something extraordinary, anyone can reach their goal of achieving 6 star status in whatever they set out to do. This article will provide an overview on how you can go about doing this by taking a few simple steps towards success.

The purpose of the 6 Star Business is to help businesses find more meaning, purpose and profits in their endeavours. We seek to ‘do it differently’ and encourage everyone to rise above the status quo to do what it takes to be different: with meaning, purpose and intention. With those key ingredients, you’ll be on your way to 6 Stars faster than you realise!