Why marketing automation is important varies from business to business. Even so, there are certain functions and reporting that are relevant to all businesses that are available through marketing automation that are not with traditional marketing. Once you understand the benefits that marketing automation offers, you will have all the answers you require when wanting to understand why marketing automation is important.

Marketing Automation CRM

Marketing automation offers a platform (Customer Relationship Manager – CRM) on which you can store enormous amounts of data about your target audience(s). With this information, you are able to micro-target segments in your database sending them the right information at the right time. Why marketing automation is important #1 – So that you can successfully move your leads smoothly along their buying journey, answering the right questions at the right time and by covering off objections before they are raised. This is done by micro-targeting your audience and message. Without a marketing automation CRM platform, this is not possible. Adding on to this, as your prospects interact with your marketing, using marketing automation, you can see what is working, what is not working and which leads are showing “buying behaviour”. In the marketing automation CRM and software, we use Infusionsoft, this is called “lead scoring”. When a lead is scored as “warm” or “hot”, this information is automatically relayed to a salesperson, who is given a task to contact a highly qualified lead. Why marketing automation is important #2 – you can see what is working, what is not working and which leads are showing buying behaviour. This saves a lot of time, as your sales team is only dealing with highly qualified leads, not cold ones.

Marketing automation doesn’t replace traditional marketing principles, it magnifies them!

While marketing automation provides these tremendous benefits, it is important to remember that having a marketing automation CRM platform such as Infusionsoft (to provide this information and marketing automation experience), it doesn’t replace solid marketing fundamentals.                     


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Why Marketing Automation Is Important – Fundamentals

We know why marketing automation is essential, however, these benefits will not be realised unless you have properly scoped out what you are selling, who are you selling it to and how you are different to your competition.

Now when you are looking at what you are selling, you must look at what the “benefits” of what you are selling are.

Let’s say you sell gym memberships, you’re not really selling gym memberships, are you? What you are really selling is health and wellbeing; perhaps weight loss, and maybe self-esteem.

Now what you are selling must also marry up with who you are selling it to. For example, if you are selling gym memberships to young men who want six-pack abs, selling them weight loss is probably not going to hit the mark is it?

This is why marketing automation is important and will only work when you have what you are selling matched up perfectly with who you are selling it to.

On top of this, your marketing must include messages that differentiate you from your competition.

Let’s look at the gym example. Every gym has exercise equipment so bragging about how good your new equipment is, is not an ideal differentiator.

However, if you are a gym that specialises in helping middle-aged people lose weight, your message is clear.

This means those who are fearful of going to a gym because they are overweight will be more attracted to your messaging than a “six-pack gym”.

You know why marketing automation should be used in your business.. You know that it will help you to micro-target your audience with the right messaging at the right time. It will help you to know what is working and not working. It will also help you identify those most likely to buy when they are ready to buy.

Marketing automation has the potential to increase your bottom line and make your internal processes more efficient, however…

Even though you understand why marketing automation is essential, never forget that it can only be as good as the solid marketing principles it is built on.

Rohan James is a Director at Journey Point. He is a Marketing Wizard, but when it comes to surfing his favourite breaks, the word “wizard” is nowhere to be found!