Is Email Marketing Dead?

Today we are bombarded with thousands of things trying to grab our attention every day. And I’m not talking about your wife, your husband, your children, your employees and so on…

I’m simply talking about, media!

Yes, that device that you carry with you all day long has a thousand and one “apps” that all want your attention.

Surely there must be an app for helping you decide which app is the best one to use and in what circumstances!

“There MUST be an app for that!”

And on top of this attention seeking frenzy, you have your email inbox.

We are assaulted all day long with emails promoting this product, promoting that service, offering this, offering that.

Lets’ face it with the number of emails hitting our inboxes every day and the number we bulk delete, email marketing doesn’t work anymore does it?

Think again…

Do you really think if email marketing didn’t work that you would still be receiving so many emails?

You see email marketing is brilliant for:

  • Converting Leads To Customers
  • Converting Prospects To Appointments
  • Retaining Customers
  • Generating Referrals

And why is it so effective?

Check this out…

Email Marketing versus Facebook

First Check of The Day: Email 58%                Facebook 11%

Prefer this channel for promotional messages:  Email 77%               Facebook  4%

People made purchases from marketing on this channel: Email 66%               Facebook  20%

[Sources: Exact Target, Radicati Group Inc., Statista]



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Despite what you want to believe, email marketing is still the most powerful form of marketing. In fact, the median ROI on email marketing spend is 122% with social media coming in at just 28%.

[Source: Direct Marketing Association.]

So why are your emails not getting read? If your emails are not getting read, it’s because your emails suck! You see as I have learned with my background in copywriting is that it’s impossible to write too much, but it is possible to write stuff that is just plain boring! And this begins with your headline.

Your headline must stop your prospects in their tracks, sit up and take notice.

Your first line must engage your prospect emotionally. If not… it’s instant DELETE! It’s game over for that email. Consumers today are ruthless! So how do you write emails that get opened, get read and cause people to take action? In it’s simplest terms you need to “walk a mile in your prospects moccasins” and give them exactly what they need when they need it. This requires research, research and more research into who they are and what they want. Then it requires trial, correction, trial, correction, trial, and correction… I guess you have the idea by now. You need to write as if you have peeked into their personal journal and then:

  • Offer genuine empathy for their current challenges
  • Teach them something of value about their situation that they wouldn’t have thought of before
  • Show them a way out or a way through their situation or to get what they want
  • Show them that you have the perfect solution for them

Now, this doesn’t have to be all done in the one email, it can be done in bite-size chunks, like a good TV Series in which they can’t wait for the next installment.


And when you can do this, you can rest assured that your emails are not only opened, but they are eagerly awaited.

Email marketing is the cheapest, highest ROI marketing platform available; make sure you reap the benefits that it affords.

Rohan James is a Director at Journey Point. He is a Marketing Wizard, but when it comes to surfing his favourite breaks, the word “master” is nowhere to be found!