Facebook advertising is not unique in how it influences people to buy. It’s just another platform on which you can use tried and tested marketing techniques. There are many information about this in the internet so we are revealing to you Facebook Advertising Success In 5 Easy Steps.


If you know how to do your numbers and how to set up sales funnels, as we’ll look at in this article, you can pretty much tweak any campaign into being successful.


Facebook advertising works for all businesses, regardless of what they sell or what service they provide. It’s just a matter of learning the basics of a good Facebook advertising campaign and getting started.


Most business owners pride themselves on being unique, so they often ask,  “Will it work for my business?” However, at the end of the day, every business wants the same thing, “more sales”.


And one avenue to get those sales is through Facebook advertising.


Advertising always works by understanding the psychology of the potential customer. And persuading them to buy from Facebook Advertising is no different.


People will always act predictably, according to their human nature, so you don’t really have to create any new strategy for Facebook advertising.


All you need is to understand what triggers your particular audience to buy.


Once you know that, you can use persuasive Facebook advertising to increase their desire to buy and convert more sales.


Here’s how…

1. Make a Big Bold (But Believable) Promise


The Internet is crowded, so you need more than just a big promise to draw attention to your Facebook advertising efforts.


With thousands of marketing messages targeted to consumers daily, people tend to block out hyped-up promises. They’re just not believable anymore.


To get your Facebook advertising noticed, you also have to make your audience believe your big promise.


You can do this by offering them something they haven’t seen before; a unique perspective or a unique solution to their problem.


This will help to get past those jaded consumers who think they’ve seen it all and will help you to stand out from the crowd.


You see, the success of your Facebook advertising is greatly dependent on whether you have the right offers, not just big promises. And your believable offers must also create a desire to buy within your chosen target audience.


You see, people aren’t looking for just anything; they want offers that solve a nagging or urgent problem in their life.


If you can create offers that show how your product or service will solve a problem, you have gone a long way towards closing the deal.


The next aspect is to understand that you not only want to provide a solution…


You also want your solution to appear so valuable that they don’t care how much it costs! After all, they are desperate for a solution aren’t they?


So, don’t fret over the wording or the look of your Facebook advertising at first, (we’ll look at this later). Instead, focus on creating the best offers for your Facebook advertising target audience.


In order to be able to do this, you first have to deeply understand your customers.


But here’s the sad thing…


If you approached most business owners and asked them who buys from them the most, many wouldn’t have a ready answer.


Few business owners understand who their audience is and why they choose their businesses over another.


This is a travesty because this is very important information that every business owner ought to know!


If you don’t know who your ideal target audience is, you won’t be able to target your Facebook advertising to the right people.


2. Your Image or Video Is 75% Of Your Facebook Ad’s Success


Do you remember the last time you clicked on an ad in social media?


What drew you to click on the ad?


Odds are it was the image or a fascinating video that captured your attention.


Pictures (and videos) are the biggest element in any Facebook advertising campaign. The image or video accounts for 75% of the ad’s ability to draw attention.


Pictures aren’t just persuasive, they also deliver loads more information in a single image than text. Studies show that the human brain can process and image’s message up to 60,000 times faster than the written word.


This means it is easier for consumers to find ads they like by simply looking at a visual image.


Add a compelling image or video to your Facebook advertising campaigns and you will see better results.


In our Facebook advertising experience, we’ve discovered that people are drawn to images of other people within unique settings more than any other types of images and even more so when the eyes are visible and engaging.


See more tips here


3. Create The Infrastructure To Support Your Ad


You need a sales funnel!


80% of sales occur after the fifth or more contact with a lead or a prospect.


This means that it’s unlikely that someone will click on your ad and buy straight away.

You ought to look at your Facebook advertising campaigns as campaigns that generate leads for your business, not necessarily sales up front.


There are many funnel models out there, and the good news is that most of them will work. However, not all of them will be suited to your business budget or the goals you have in mind.


For instance, one potential funnel could be something like: Facebook Advertising campaign sends a prospect to a landing page. The landing page sends them to a $7 tripwire. The tripwire leads to a $97 strategy session.  And the goal of the strategy session is to sell a high priced service worth 000’s of dollars.


You must also have utmost in mind that there is no funnel design that will work straight off the bat.


You will have to test, tweak, and optimize whatever funnel you create to get it right.


Most funnels will remain unprofitable for a month or two. You will need to accept that.


You have to be consistent and persistent to make Facebook advertising campaigns profitable by constantly measuring and refining them to raise the conversion rate


4. Ultimately It’s Your Words That Sell


You have created a Facebook advertising campaign using a great image or video, your headline screams out to your audience that you can help and you are different…


You have their attention; they click through to a landing page…


What next?


The only way to influence your prospects further is through your words (Note: You could also use a well-scripted video on your landing page to use the right words).


At this point, the wording of your offers and the way the copy is structured is the single biggest factor that can influence your conversion rate.


The difference between writing your own copy and hiring a professional copywriter to do your Facebook advertising is tremendous.


Well-written copy can help you eliminate time-wasters while at the same time generate even higher desire in those who you want to do business with.


We have seen many Facebook advertising campaigns that were delivering 0% – 1.5% conversions to leads, to as much as 5% – 6%! A 4-5x increase by using a professional copywriter to adjust headlines and copy


5. Do Your Math


You have to work the numbers, but the beauty of Facebook advertising is that you only need basic math skills to figure out whether your campaigns are profitable or not.


The trick is to figure out whether you make more off each customer than it took to generate them in the first place.


It’s as simple as subtracting your cost-per-click (CPC) from your earnings-per-click (EPC).


Once you know how to figure out the numbers, you will have your baseline to work from.


You’ll also learn ways to manipulate different criteria such as images, headlines, sub-headlines, copy, offers, calls to action and so on, to continually improve those numbers.


Do your math, understand your Cost Per Click minus your Earnings per Click and it will be nearly impossible to fail.


So there you have it…


A simple five-step process to ensure all your Facebook Advertising campaigns are successful.