I want to be known for helping to shift industries to value customers more, to lift the value of the customer higher, and for businesses to be revolutionised as a result of that.  The sad fact is that many industries have such poor customer treatment, and they can vary wildly in their ‘norms’ for how customers experience their product or service. This is why you should know why shifting industries to value customers starts with just one business: YOURS.

In a world where competition is tight and ‘everything is commoditised’, is it true that the only differential is to use your customer experience as the key differentiating factor?

And if a business is purpose-led, and has at its core an inner drive to help the community or the world at large in a bigger way, then their purpose will drive them to want to create a better experience for their customers.  Why? Because a purpose is bigger than themselves, and it is bigger than their business or their product or their service. It comes from a place of heart, reverence, compassion and aligned truth.  And all of those factors combine to make someone act out of a different place than purely profit alone.

My purpose is to shift industries to value customers, and I want to be known for raising the value of customers across industries.  The way to do that is for businesses individually and collectively to start honouring their customer journey, and innovating that to the best of their ability.

But what if a business is not driven by purpose, and doesn’t really care about their customer journey or innovation for good?  Well, simply put; they won’t want to be competitive in their marketplace and stand head and shoulders above their competitors.  I’ve seen time and again where a business is profit-focussed and they are always striving for excellence in efficiency, cost-cutting, and profit increases. However they are always losing out in the areas of customer loyalty, longevity of lifetime value, and ultimately – market share.

They simply don’t see the value in operating any other way. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se, it’s just that they’ll never truly break out of that way of operating and thinking – and hence they most likely won’t be able to rise ‘head and shoulders’ above their competitors in their industry.

See – not everyone can be at the top of their industry. Not everyone can have the majority of the brand awareness, recognition or market share. It’s only the small few who achieve that and then the rest of their industry look up to them to see what they are doing, so they too can follow suit.

So there’s a ‘follow the leader’ scenario happening. It’s human nature, and it’s a part of the evolution of life and business evolution too.

Hence why it will only be the market leaders who choose to lead with evolving their customer journeys and innovating them to raise the value in their customers and their people. It will be those businesses who capture the attention, heart and minds of their target audience. It will be those businesses who get the accolades, the raving reviews, the increased customer loyalty and the high levels of average lifetime of a customer. It will be those businesses who capture more of the best customers, the ones who are willing to pay more and stay longer, and tell their friends.

It will be those businesses who will be the shining example for all the others in time, where their innovations in their customer journey will be the envy of the masses who either chose not to do it or didn’t care. (There will still be those who can’t see it and will never evolve – yet those businesses simply won’t survive in time in their current form.)

Innovating your customer journey takes care, consideration, passion, and action. It’s a labour of love for the people you serve and for the people they serve – due to the ripple effect. It’s the one thing that will put your business ahead of the rest in your industry, and will show up in the hearts and minds of your customers that you do value them and that you truly do care more than just making a profit.

The purpose I have is to shift industries to value customers, and all it takes is a leader.. someone who believes in their customers value and their relationship to make a difference. Truly there is only one differential in such a commoditised world, and that is through innovating our customer journey. This is one of the reasons why shifting industries to value customers starts with just one business: YOURS

At such a critical stage economically (worldwide) it’s now time for those with purpose greater than profit to put their first foot forward, regardless of their industry, to shift the journeys of their customers.  Shifting industries to value customers starts with just one business: yours. Time to go out there and make a difference.

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